Self Leadership Change Project

Self-Leadership Change Project (SLCP)

Here is some help for some of your SLCPs

SLCP Conversation with a past undergrad student of mine who is now working on his Ph.D.

SLCP (Briefing) Student Presentation on Youtube

SLCP (Debrief) Student Presentation on Youtube

Personal Changes => Opportunities Avail. Also, Environmental Scan, Large-Scale Changes

Daily Personal Success Routines

How To Be Successful in Your Self-Leadership Change Project (SLCP)

A Coach’s Guide to the Self-Leadership Change Project (SLCP)

Self-Leadership Change Survey


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Self-leadership change project: the continuation of an ongoing experiential

program (January 2017)

Self-Leadership Change Project: An Ongoing Experiential Program (Final) (ABR publication 2012)

Revised June 25_15_Coaching Self-Leadership_ Ongoing Experiential Program

Self-Leadership Change Project (ABR publication 2011)

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